To Live and Date in London

I can’t describe how much I hate the dating scene. Fuck, that’s a lie. I’m absolutely going to describe it. Otherwise, what’s the point of starting a post on such a polarising note? The stage is set. A semi-classy cocktail bar in London’s lush hive of nightlife known as Soho. Hints of nearby jazz drift in through […]

Brief Interlude

One aspect I always overlook when moving is just how quickly everything novel becomes mundane. I’ve heard of theories like “The Blinking Factor”, which makes assumptions based on our brain’s ability to parse familiar data and streamline the ingestion of new information. In a nutshell, when you change your environment and pass your eyes over a […]

From There to Here

Well this is it, the beginning of my account of moving to the UK with little more than the clothes on my back. Hello 2003, I’m a blogger! I’ll also soon have a short-run ‘zine, which I’m hoping will capture an Edwardian-inspired-new-age take on the froyo invasion. Prepare for classist undertones and enough snaps of […]