Frohe Weihnachten!

It feels somewhat unsettling to be writing about X-mas from the comfort of a sunny day in May … while enjoying a glass of wine … on a balcony in London … But hell, I didn’t start this blog with any adherence to chronology and it would be a shame to start worrying about that now. […]

Croeso i Caerdydd

[ a post in which we travel to Cardiff, experience time and space, and get denied access to the Torchwood Institute ]    • After going through the trouble of setting up a travel blog, it’s finally time talk a little bit about some serious travel. Embark with me on a trip through time, to the […]

From There to Here

Well this is it, the beginning of my account of moving to the UK with little more than the clothes on my back. Hello 2003, I’m a blogger! I’ll also soon have a short-run ‘zine, which I’m hoping will capture an Edwardian-inspired-new-age take on the froyo invasion. Prepare for classist undertones and enough snaps of […]