Croeso i Caerdydd

Despite a veritable trove of piss being taken out of the Welsh by Brits, Wales is a beautiful place. From everything we experienced, it’s safe to say that Wales is to the UK as Newfoundland is to Canada. It’s oft used as a comedic punching bag, yet you’d be hard-pressed to find people who’d turn down a trip there. Also like the most East-Coasternly of Canadians, the Welsh are amoung the friendliest folks in the world.

And now for something completely different

Have you ever asked yourself if everything that happens around you, which doesn’t go off with flying colours, is actually entirely your fault? Have you ever reprimanded yourself for the mistakes of others?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those … first, jeez, consider giving yourself some more credit! Also, you may be prepared to live in London.

Look at Your Choices

Confession time… I haven’t actually been writing these posts when their date-stamps would suggest. From the moment our feet hit the ground I’d intended to keep a steady blog of our trips and travels in the UK. Since then I’ve learned that the best-laid plans fare poorly under the weight of the London work-life balance.

From Toronto With Luggage

How many pairs of jeans can you survive with? How about jumpers: how many are too many? Do you really need to bring shampoo? You also have to consider shoes, coats, hats, books, laptops, phones, cables, office supplies, rain gear, medication, kitsch and whatnot … The simple truth is, no matter what you want to bring with you, it will likely end up being too much.

From There to Here

Well this is it, the beginning of my account of moving to the UK with little more than the clothes on my back. Hello 2003, I’m a blogger! I’ll also soon have a short-run ‘zine, which I’m hoping will capture an Edwardian-inspired-new-age take on the froyo invasion. Prepare for classist undertones and enough snaps of damask wallpaper to cover a small, yet sensible, flat.