Cruisin’ Croatia

Let’s first talk about sea sickness. Thankfully I don’t suffer from such an affliction, yet it would have been an idea to consider such a possibility before booking a kayak trip on the Adriatic sea. Bobbing along in the waves, some as tall as myself, the thought did occur to me. Thankfully I kept this thought to myself, rather than saddle Kat with the idea of a potential liability in the front of her boat.

Scafell Scramble

Standing in a foggy miasma, I could be anywhere in the world. Anywhere, that is, atop a scattering of loose rocks and semi-large stones. Surrounded by adventure tourists, dogs, and random locals. So, honestly, this could be anywhere in Wales, or a world straight out of Ridley Scott’s imagination.

Oh Canada …

I’ve always liked the idea that the world sees us as a beacon of acceptance and tolerance. This is especially poignant when current prevailing opinions seem all too ready to exclude and persecute. Since becoming an immigrant myself, I’ve discovered just how true this idea is. We aren’t perfect, but everyone I meet has nothing but good things to say about Canadians as a people and a nation.

To Live and Date in London

A semi-classy cocktail bar in London’s lush hive of nightlife known as Soho. Hints of nearby jazz drift in through a tentatively opened door, lazily lapping at the heels of an anxious-looking young man. Excited at its surprising change of environs, and curious as to the fresh mix of patrons laid before it, the strings of jazz drift on the cusp of the threshold. The newfound vista, however, will offer only a brief glimpse into a world beyond brass and thrummed bass origins.


Hot on the heels of a memorable Xmas in Vienna, with barely a day to drop off my gear and launder unmentionables, I’d packed my bag anew and set off for the wilds of King’s Cross and a date with a train aimed north, towards the cobbled alleyways of Edinburgh.


What do three 30-somethings do when on their own in Vienna for the holidays? After Xmas markets have been plumbed for trinkets and various forms of dough-based treats, cobbled streets have been wandered and imperial architecture has been ogled, what is next for weary holiday adventurers? The answer, of course, involves Bratislava. Our story begins, […]

Frohe Weihnachten!

It feels somewhat unsettling to be writing about X-mas from the comfort of a sunny day in May … while enjoying a glass of wine … on a balcony in London … But hell, I didn’t start this blog with any adherence to chronology and it would be a shame to start worrying about that now.

Brief Interlude

One aspect I always overlook when moving is just how quickly everything novel becomes mundane. I’ve heard of theories like “The Blinking Factor”, which makes assumptions based on our brain’s ability to parse familiar data and streamline the ingestion of new information.