To Live and Date in London

A semi-classy cocktail bar in London’s lush hive of nightlife known as Soho. Hints of nearby jazz drift in through a tentatively opened door, lazily lapping at the heels of an anxious-looking young man. Excited at its surprising change of environs, and curious as to the fresh mix of patrons laid before it, the strings of jazz drift on the cusp of the threshold. The newfound vista, however, will offer only a brief glimpse into a world beyond brass and thrummed bass origins.

And now for something completely different

Have you ever asked yourself if everything that happens around you, which doesn’t go off with flying colours, is actually entirely your fault? Have you ever reprimanded yourself for the mistakes of others?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those … first, jeez, consider giving yourself some more credit! Also, you may be prepared to live in London.

Look at Your Choices

Confession time… I haven’t actually been writing these posts when their date-stamps would suggest. From the moment our feet hit the ground I’d intended to keep a steady blog of our trips and travels in the UK. Since then I’ve learned that the best-laid plans fare poorly under the weight of the London work-life balance.