Highland Hustle

It’s early 2021, birds are singing, the sun is shining a little more every day and everybody ‘dun be talkin’ ‘bout vaccines! There’s positivity on the horizon, but it’s hard to argue that we aren’t still running face-first into odd and dumbfoundingly bizarre times.

I tell ya, I’m not even sure I feel like writing about travel and adventure in 2020. I know I’ll eventually want to dip into the unprecedented nature of the past year. Perhaps … but just not yet*

Nouvel an à Nantes

I admit that I knew little about the city. One of my favourite bands titled a song after it, but the song reveals little in terms of travel details. A little research tells of the city’s once bustling history as an inland port and trading centre. Much business was done in this now-smallish city, creating an important artery which brought goods, industry, and trade to the Loire Valley region.

Bavarian Rhapsody

What do 3 Canadians and 2 expats get up to on their first crazy night in Germany?

Why, they hop on a trolley, find their BnB, and raid a local petrol station for beverage and microwaveable foodstuffs. We may not be royalty, but we certainly know how to live like kings!


Buses may not be a favourite means of international travel for many people, however, I find myself quite enjoying them. They can be noisy, bumpy, and packed with annoyances, for sure. They’re also great opportunities to disconnect, nap, and unwind while essentially being chauffeured … albeit with a bunch of gassy strangers, odd food choices, noisy bags and all. Conversely, given a great driver and decent folk, journeys on the road can be quite pleasant. For instance, they are a great place to catch up on blog posts.

En Brno

Little did I know, on that cold day in May, that I would wind up in Brno. I’d had my suspicions, sure. There were certain clues to go on but, when one flies in Europe, a flight time and major airline only limit options by so much. When it came time to fly, I still didn’t know if I would next set my feet down in Barcelona or Sarajevo, Utrecht or Gdansk.

Cruisin’ Croatia

Let’s first talk about sea sickness. Thankfully I don’t suffer from such an affliction, yet it would have been an idea to consider such a possibility before booking a kayak trip on the Adriatic sea. Bobbing along in the waves, some as tall as myself, the thought did occur to me. Thankfully I kept this thought to myself, rather than saddle Kat with the idea of a potential liability in the front of her boat.

Scafell Scramble

Standing in a foggy miasma, I could be anywhere in the world. Anywhere, that is, atop a scattering of loose rocks and semi-large stones. Surrounded by adventure tourists, dogs, and random locals. So, honestly, this could be anywhere in Wales, or a world straight out of Ridley Scott’s imagination.


Hot on the heels of a memorable Xmas in Vienna, with barely a day to drop off my gear and launder unmentionables, I’d packed my bag anew and set off for the wilds of King’s Cross and a date with a train aimed north, towards the cobbled alleyways of Edinburgh.