You Salz-y Burg, You

Austria had everything I’d been hoping to find in foreign parts. The locals were friendly. The streets were decidedly different from what I was used to. History peered around every corner. There were mountains (ok, not IN Vienna, but I had a solid glimpse of the Alps on my way in) and trams, imperial buildings and European charm. Many of the locals did speak English, but often only after hearing my clearly non-local accent and guide-book butchering of their language. I’m still very sorry, Austria, and I appreciate your patience.

While in Vienna, however, folks raved about Salzburg. It was the holiday season and, while Vienna boasts some spectacular Christmas markets, Salzburg was reputed as THE place to be for markets, sights, and the true old-world festive experience. I was sold.

Hiking packs, you say? Opinions, I have

I’m a pack fiend. I love’em! Backpacks, rucksacks, messenger bags, daypacks … Given the option, I’d happily fill a room with nothing but gear, of which 60% would be bag related.

I’ve spent years swooning over some, while painfully regretting others (*cough, Peak Design, *cough). I think I’ve built up a nice internal list of criteria to determine if something is worth time and money. I’ll spare y’all the actual list, as it leans hard on subjectivity.

Highland Hustle

It’s early 2021, birds are singing, the sun is shining a little more every day and everybody ‘dun be talkin’ ‘bout vaccines! There’s positivity on the horizon, but it’s hard to argue that we aren’t still running face-first into odd and dumbfoundingly bizarre times.

I tell ya, I’m not even sure I feel like writing about travel and adventure in 2020. I know I’ll eventually want to dip into the unprecedented nature of the past year. Perhaps … but just not yet*

Nouvel an à Nantes

I admit that I knew little about the city. One of my favourite bands titled a song after it, but the song reveals little in terms of travel details. A little research tells of the city’s once bustling history as an inland port and trading centre. Much business was done in this now-smallish city, creating an important artery which brought goods, industry, and trade to the Loire Valley region.

Bavarian Rhapsody

What do 3 Canadians and 2 expats get up to on their first crazy night in Germany?

Why, they hop on a trolley, find their BnB, and raid a local petrol station for beverage and microwaveable foodstuffs. We may not be royalty, but we certainly know how to live like kings!


Buses may not be a favourite means of international travel for many people, however, I find myself quite enjoying them. They can be noisy, bumpy, and packed with annoyances, for sure. They’re also great opportunities to disconnect, nap, and unwind while essentially being chauffeured … albeit with a bunch of gassy strangers, odd food choices, noisy bags and all. Conversely, given a great driver and decent folk, journeys on the road can be quite pleasant. For instance, they are a great place to catch up on blog posts.

En Brno

Little did I know, on that cold day in May, that I would wind up in Brno. I’d had my suspicions, sure. There were certain clues to go on but, when one flies in Europe, a flight time and major airline only limit options by so much. When it came time to fly, I still didn’t know if I would next set my feet down in Barcelona or Sarajevo, Utrecht or Gdansk.